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Westminster Presbyterian Church

Sunday School - 9:00 am
Sunday Worship Service - 10:15 am


Welcome to Westminster online!

We are common people, sinners who by God’s grace have committed our lives to following Jesus Christ. We have not arrived! We have set before us the pursuit of five objectives which we believe are honoring to God:

  • To know the Lord more intimately,

  • To love one another more fervently,

  • To serve Christ more effectively,

  • To share Him more freely, and

  • To represent Him in this world more faithfully.

We also believe that the pursuit of these objectives will greatly enrich our lives and our enjoyment of our relationship with the Lord. We would love for you to join us in the pursuit of these objectives. We believe you will greatly benefit too.

If you have children, we want to team up with you both to help you be as effective as possible as a parent, and to join with you in leading your children to Christ and helping to equip them to live for Him in all of life. That is not an easy task in our world today, but we would like to do all we can to be of help to you. We also want to serve as a place where you can use your gifts and talents to serve the Lord and His people. No doubt you can be of help to us as well, and precisely because we are only fellow sinners at various stages of our growing to be more like Christ our Lord and Savior.

We welcome you and want to encourage you to come to Westminster!  Give us a chance to get to know you as you get to know us. We have a great church family, and would love for you to consider becoming a part of it!


In Christ’s service,

Bill Tyson