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Catechism Club

Every Wednesday

4:30pm – 6:45pm

Category: Children | Coordinator: Knox White

As disciples of Jesus Christ, we’ve been commissioned to sow the seed of the gospel wherever the Lord has placed us. Each Wednesday evening, a faithful few of our church seek to do that through the teaching of catechism, song, and story to the elementary age children of our church’s neighborhood.

Over the years, the Lord has blessed our church with friendships that extend into the families of our neighborhood. In His good providence, the Lord has placed us in a diverse neighborhood that spans all kinds of backgrounds. This has made for a plethora of divinely appointed opportunities to befriend and evangelize the children of our neighborhood and to build relationships with their families.

Catechism Club is one of the avenues for our church to fulfill the Lord’s commission to make disciples of all nations. We have experienced the Lord’s blessing in this work, even seeing several children profess faith in Christ and become members of our church through this effort. Praise to the Lord for working through us in this way to bring glory to His name! We hope and pray to continue to be his ambassadors in our neighborhood through this, and, ALL of the ministries of our church!

Mission: to befriend and evangelize the unchurched children of our neighborhood, and their families by extension

Vision: For the program to be 1) a time of sowing gospel seeds 2) To be a bridge to our church

Catechism Club is specifically aimed at unchurched families. While members of our church and their children are always welcome to participate, please understand that the teaching and activities are aimed at the Biblically illiterate.

We welcome volunteers of our membership who have a heart for evangelism. While it

Participants must be between 1st and 5th grades only. Parents are ALWAYS welcome to observe any and all activities.

Our church van is available for pick up and drop off at each session of Catechism Club.

Contact Knox White or Melissa Giddens  for details.