Update (January 5): Please click here to learn more about our updated meeting guidelines.  We welcome you to join us for morning and evening worship and we have added overflow seating in the fellowship hall. 



Livestreaming Worship this Sunday @ 10:15 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.


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Sunday School

Sunday morning at 8:30 am we have Sunday school through Zoom. If you are interested in one of our classes below you can contact the church office and our office manager will get you the information needed.  

This time of Bible study and fellowship forms an integral part of our church life together.  Our aim is to provide biblically faithful, theologically robust, and practical teaching that encourages you to delight yourself in the Lord and live faithfully to His Word.  

If you're a visitor, Sunday School provides an excellent opportunity to get connected to a smaller community within our church.

We will have two classes to choose from this Winter:

  1. Topical Class. “Covenants Made Simple; Understanding God’s Unfolding Promises to His People” by Jonty Rhodes. As evangelical Christians, Christianity is not just a religion, but a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. But what kind of relationship does God desire for us? He has defined that relationship through a series of interlinked covenants. Understanding these covenants help us better understand our relationship with the living God and also helps us describe that relationship to those who earnestly seek to understand the hope that is inside us as well as defend against those that seek to discredit that relationship. Understanding God’s covenants with His people help us understand and explain things like why, when God is a father who loves his children unconditionally, He struck down some of those same children in Corinth when they disobeyed. Or even though we know Jesus is the Good Shepherd who never loses a single sheep, and yet Judas, one of the original twelve, never made it home. As has been going on since March, we will meet via Zoom beginning at 8:30am at least for now. Mark Koch and possibly Darrin (the elder) Lyon are projected to lead the class.
  2. Exegetical Class. Revelation and Titus. Due to the depth of the book and the discussion, the class will continue and finish the study of Revelation in the winter quarter. The AEDT understands the complexity of Revelation does not lend itself to be rushed through, and the study was already interrupted through the summer so Pastor Chad will follow his normal lesson plan to finish Revelation and will then transition to the pastoral epistle of Titus. In the book of Titus Paul is instructing Titus, whom he left on Crete to raise up the local church there, on the importance of sound doctrine to combat false teachings, as well as instruction in Christian living and qualifications for church leaders. This class will also meet via Zoom at 8:30am for now. Pastor Chad will continue his teaching series through Revelation and then Titus.