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Livestreaming Worship this Sunday @ 10:15 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

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Sunday School

We gather each Sunday morning at 9:00 am for Sunday School.  

This time of Bible study and fellowship forms an integral part of our church life together.  Our aim is to provide biblically faithful, theologically robust, and practical teaching that encourages you to delight yourself in the Lord and live faithfully to His Word.  

If you're a visitor, Sunday School provides an excellent opportunity to get connected to a smaller community within our church.

We will have two classes to choose from this Spring:

  1. Topical Class
    1. BOOK: “The Whole Armor of God: How Christ’s Victor Strengthens Us For Spiritual Warfare” by Dr. Iain Duguid who is Professor of Old Testament and Dean of online learning at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia and pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church
    2. LOCATION: Fellowship Hall
    3. TIME: Note:  Due to the current class, Taking Hold of God, running a little long, this class will start Sunday, 22 Mar, 0900 (Sunday following the Missions Conference)
    4. TEACHER: Know White, Darrin Lyon
    5. SYNOPSIS: The Christian life is a battle.  We are in a daily struggle against the world, sin, and Satan.  But God didn’t leave us to fend for ourselves.  He gave us his own armor—armor Jesus has already worn on our behalf all the way to the cross.  The same power that raised Christ from the dead is now at work inside of us.  “Armor of God” will unpack each of the pieces of spiritual armor Paul describes in Ephesians 6, inviting us to take up the armor each day, all while resting in the finished victory of Christ and the assurance that our strength for the battle comes from him.  About this book, Sinclair Ferguson says, “A battle manual for every Christian”
  2. Exegetical Class
    1. BOOK: Revelation
    2. LOCATION: Newton Conference Room
    3. TIME: Class begins March 1, 2020 at 9am
    4. TEACHER: Chad Watkins
    5. SYNOPSIS: If you want to see a boost in attendance to your church, all you need to do is advertise that you will be teaching through the book of Revelation.  That’s because we are so intrigued by this book of Scripture.  Unfortunately, many Christians don’t really know what Revelation is all about.  For too many years the “Left Behind” theology has influenced how most evangelicals think about this last book in our Bible.  Join us as we seek to take a fresh look at a valuable portion of Scripture that was written, not to confuse us, but to encourage a persecuted and suffering church.