Update (June 6th): Please click here to learn more about our updated meeting guidelines.  We welcome you to join us for morning and evening worship and we have added overflow seating in the fellowship hall. 



Livestreaming Worship this Sunday at 10:15 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.


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Sunday School

Sunday morning at 9:00 am we have Sunday school in-person and through Zoom. Children's Sunday School classes are also now provided in-person again! If you are interested in one of our classes you can contact the church office and our office manager will get you the information needed.  

This time of Bible study and fellowship forms an integral part of our church life together.  Our aim is to provide biblically faithful, theologically robust, and practical teaching that encourages you to delight yourself in the Lord and live faithfully to His Word.  

If you're a visitor, Sunday School provides an excellent opportunity to get connected to a smaller community within our church.

We will have two Adult classes to choose from this Summer:

  1. EXEGETICAL CLASS. Starting July 4th, the class will read and discuss one chapter a week from the Book of Daniel.  On the heels of our recent discussion of the Christian and Society through the perspective of the Sermon on the Mount and then our recent short discussion of Confessions’s chapter on Civil Magistrates, we will compare and contrast Daniel’s time in captivity, serving in the court of a pagan King, and living in a foreign land.  When our study of Daniel is complete, Gordon and Jason will push onward into the topic of Kingdom Theology.  Some planned discussions include: how eschatology may influence your view of Kingdom Theology; the Doctrine of Vocation; Theonomy; Israel and the New Covenant; Citizens of Two Kingdoms; a Christian’s Civil Responsibility and “Just War” theory; Covenants and Kingdom Theology — just to name a few.  Basically, it will be some of the greatest material ever discussed but led by two guys still trying to figure it out.  Come join us and participate in the discussions.

  2. TOPICAL CLASS.  In keeping with the theme of tackling a specific conflict, and with the supplanting of the LGBTQ+ narrative with Social Justice (specifically racial Social Justice), the topical class will be studying justice issues using the book, “Confronting Injustice Without Compromising Truth: 12 Questions Christians Should Ask About Social Justice” by Thaddeus J. Williams as our study guide.