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What is a youth and family ministry?

It’s a purpose: to bring glory to our great God in the work of making disciples of the next generation of our church and of our neighborhood      

It’s a philosophy: we believe that making disciples of the next generation is primarily the responsibility of parents in their individual families. However, we also believe that God has graciously provided the church family to equip, encourage, intercede, and collaborate in that work of raising children. Additionally, we believe that our city and neighborhood are ripe with youth from unbelieving homes, whom we can jointly reach with the gospel and disciple, despite not having Christian parents.

It’s a program: Regular Sunday school classes, both for youth and for their parents. A weekly Sunday evening meeting. Summer mission trips. Service projects. Weekly outreach opportunities and more.

It’s a people: It’s a fellowship of staff, volunteers, and parents who have partnered together in this work. It’s a network of friendships across the generations of our church. It’s a collective effort of our congregation (not just the parents of middle and high schoolers).

It’s a privilege: being a mentor to a young person… sharing the gospel with someone from an unbelieving home… encouraging a weary parent… having a friend whom you can ask to pray for your family…sharing and celebrating the work of discipleship… this is the abundant life that Jesus promised to those who would follow Him. 

What is our mission?

To equip, encourage, and intercede for believing parents and their covenant children.

To evangelize and make disciples of youth from unbelieving homes, and, by extension, their families.

To collaborate in the work of making disciples of the next generation of our church and of our neighborhood. 

Why do we call it “NextGen”?

At Westminster, we call our youth ministry “NextGen” because our ambition is to make disciples of the next generation of our congregation and of our neighborhood.