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Archives for October 2018

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The Transforming Power of Biblical Worship, Part 2

A few weeks ago during our Sunday morning service I preached a sermon entitled "A True Disciple Loves the Church." One of the points in that sermon was that a true disciple loves the church's worship. We love the church's worship because we have the great privilege of drawing near to God in worship through the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ. You may remember th...

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The Transforming Power of Biblical Worship, Part 3

Last month you may remember that we started to look at the elements of worship that God promises to bless for our spiritual growth in grace. We summarized those elements under five headings: Read the Word, Preach the Word, Sing the Word, Pray the Word, and See the Word. We then examined the Bible's exhortation to the public reading of Scripture. This month we'll briefly ...

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The Transforming Power of Biblical Worship, Part 1

The exact date is fuzzy, but it must have been some time in 2004. I had only recently moved back to the States from my first missionary stint in Thailand. The new pastor at our church was passionate about worship and about teaching the congregation what God's Word says about worship. He had spent significant time investing in the elders and introduced them to a book enti...

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